The Giant Bunny attempts to attack Snowball.

The first giant bunny appeared in Bunnykill 1. He confronted Snowball after he had finished off Smoke's Henchmen. The Giant Bunny actually did not give Snowball much trouble at all seeing that the giant bunny had no no armor or weapons in Bunnykill 1.

Bunnykill 1Edit

The first appearance of the giant bunny. He confronts Snowball and attempts to kill him under orders from Smoke.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Super Strength - Due to the giagantic size of the bunny, the giant bunny has incredible strength.
  • Incredible Endurance - In Bunnykill 1, The Giant bunny was able to take multiple stabs and cuts from Snowball's Katanna and they do not even bother the giant. He even dealt with the damage of the back of his head being cut wide open and was still able to survive.
  • Giant - The giant bunnies are gigantic which gives them their Super Strength and Incredible Endurance.


  • The giant bunny was the first Sub-Boss in the Bunnykill series.
  • The giant bunny was the first Giant in the Bunnykill series.
  • The giant bunny had near to no training as shown by him randomly banging the ground.
  • The giant bunny only makes an appearance in Bunnykill 1