Three Minions on their break

A group of grunts in Bunnykill 5.1.

"Plentiful but twice as stupid" (Bunnykill 5.2)


Grunts are the most basic and the least skilled soldiers out of the henchmen. They have been seen in every installment of the Bunnykill series and are often the first to die, being on the front lines of the fight. Most of them are careless with their weapons and have the highest count of friendly fire to date.

Grunts have been seen to be stupid, not knowing what to do when their own lit bomb was thrown back to them and got killed in the resulting explosion. The reason for their lack of skill could be the fact that they are mere mercenaries, proven in the cast list at the end of Bunnykill 5.

Grunts often make up for their incompetence by appearing in large groups to overwhelm the heroes but fail due to their lack of skill.


  • Like Snowball, Grunts appeared in every chapter.
  • Grunts are the only known henchmen to purposely commit sucide in the Bunnykill series. (Bunnykill 3 Vol. 1); (Other than the Red Ninja)
  • The Grunts have 8 accounted for kills in the Bunnykill series. (Which is 2% of the total kills in the series and may have been themselves.)
  • Seems to prefer green jackets and gray pants.