A Ninja in Bunnykill 4.

"Expendable but twice as cool" (Bunnykill 4)


Ninja are the deadliest soldiers of the Henchmen. They obviously wear Ninja suits. They first appeared in Bunnykill, they were defeated by Snowball. They made more appearance in Bunnykill 4. They are experts in hand to hand combat and can use a variety of melee weapons. The Red Ninja are the elite Ninja. Ninja are often seen with other ninjas and or Red Ninjas and Minions.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

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    Two Ninja battle Snowball in Bunnykill 4.

    Expert martial artist - The Ninja are expert martial artists.
  • Melee weapon expert - The Ninja are expert of melee weapons such as Katanna, Sais, Staffs, ect.


  • The Ninja have 3 accounted for kill in the Bunnykill series. (Which is 0.008% of the total kills in the series.)
  • The Ninja eye colors have changed from black to white.