In the Bunnykill series, several pistols have been used by several characters in combat. Ranging from automatics to laser guns, these weapons are often used by the villians henchmen and are often used in conjunction with a sword.


The pistol has appeared in the Bunnykil series as a Walther PPK (Bunnykill 2) or a USP 45 (Bunnykill 5). Both instalments had the pistol be one of the weaker weapons in the episode, though they could easily take out a grunt with a well placed bullet.

However, in Bunnykill 3, the pistols were all laser based and were based on no real-world weapons to date, firing a red laser at their targets and having a very large magazine.

In all three instalments, the pistol was the weakest firearm and was easily outclassed by other firearms. In Bunnykill 3, however, the pistol simply had an infinite amount of ammunition to counter its weak firepower.


In Bunnykill 2, some grunts used an automatic machine pistol, resembling the MAC-10. These weapons were fast but still underpowered and outclassed by the shotgun. Still, they were the only automatic weapons in the episode.

In Bunnykill 5, Smoke had a powerful revolver that he was seen toting and using against Dust during the helicopter scene. It was destroyed when Smoke was killed by Dust after being thrown into the helecopter blades.


  • Bunnykill
  • Bunnykill 2
  • Bunnykill 3
  • Bunnykill 5


  • Intrestingly enough, the pistols design changes between Bunnykill 3 Part 1 and Part 2. This change of weapon models is also seen in the assault rifle's design as well.
  • In Bunnykill 5, the pistol has a tactical light or laser sight underneath the gun but is never used.