Professor Sludge
Prof. Sludge, as seen in Bunnykill 3 Vol. 2.


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Android Dust, Smoke (BK5, formerly)


Snowball, Dust, Smoke

"For Science!"
- Bunnykill 5.2
Professor Sludge is one of the main antagonists in the Bunnykill series. He has appeared in Bunnykill 3 Vol 1-2, Bunnykill 5.1, and was mentioned in Bunnykill 5.2. Sludge was the owner of the Moon Fortress base, before it was destroyed by Snowball. He created the Mech Bunnies, Android Dust, the Giant Cyborg, and the serum that almost made Dust, his loyal servant. He was first seen in a mini hovering pod that had laser guns and a force field. Prof. Sludge is also a genius and possibly, a mad scientist. (This is only possibly though because he has not shown any insane acts of science in the series so far.)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Although he hasn't shown any experience in combat per se, Professor Sludge is seen as highly intelligent, able to develop multiple forms of weaponry and is seen using it often in fights. He is presumably the weakest character in ther series, due to him relying purely on technology for self-defense.



Prof. Sludge battles Snowball and Smoke in Bunnykill 3 Vol. 2.

Bunnykill 3 Vol. 2 Edit

Professor Sludge was most likely stealing money for his experiments, which is probably why Snowball was hired to take him out. (Not to mention the fact he aimed a doomsday laser at Earth.) He is first seen when Snowball finds him, revealing his Mech Bunnies. He then leaves while Snowball fights the Mech Bunnies, and is not seen until Smoke saves Snowball from the Giant Cyborg. The duo both confront him in his battle pod and he tries to shoot them both with his laser gun. Snowball easily deflects it back at his pod and cuts his laser gun in half with the light blade. The pod malfunictions and crashes into the ground. Prof. Sludge acts quick and activates Android Dust just before he is killed by Snowball.

Bunnykill 5.1 Edit

In Bunnykill 5.1, Prof. Sludge somehow managed to capture Dust, and is working on a formula to inject him with so that he becomes his loyal servant. He also had hired Smoke to protect him from Snowball. Ironically, Smoke put an incomplete formula into Dust and left Prof. Sludge for dead. Dust then killed Prof. Sludge, then proceeded to kill anyone who got in his way of killing Snowball.


  • Snowball - Professor Sludge is the nemesis of Snowball. In every episode that he has appeared in, Sludge has been the main antagonist, with the exception of Bunnykill 5.1 in which he was killed off.
  • Smoke - Smoke is also seen a enemy towards Sludge, seeing how he was hired to assassinate him in Bunnykill 3. However, he was later hired by Sludge as an bodyguard and ally in Bunnykill 5.1. However, this does not last, due to his betrayal by giving him an incomplete formula to inject Dust with, leaving Sludge to his demise.


  • Professor Sludge is one of the most recurring villains in the Bunnykill series.
  • Professor Sludge tends to die the quickest out of all the characters introduced in the series.
  • Professor Sludge is the only character to not kill anyone.

    Prof. Sludge in the cast list of Bunnykill 5.2.