Bunnykill Ruby

Ruby fan art.

"I may be a girl, but I'll still kick your ass" (Bunnykill 4)


Ruby is the first female character in Bunnykill. She is a merciless assasin, like Snowball. She is also one of the very few characters in Bunnykill to specialize with a spear or staff like weapon. She is possibly even more skilled than Snowball as shown in Bunnykill 4 when she was able to teleport, and to even hold her own against Flint for a decent amount of time. Another thing is that she is one of the few characters in Bunnykill to actually have hair. (Not including fur)

Bunnykill 4Edit

Ruby's first appearence in the series, she, like Snowball, has been hired to eliminate Flint. She enters Flint's Dojo before Snowball does and is noticed by Snowball when Snowball sees her killing the Grunts that are trying to attack her. She then jumps through the paper wall and assumes Snowball is one of her enemies and battles him. When she realizes that Snowball is on her side she blows him a kiss and then teleports away. She reappears to help Snowball and saves his life before he was almost killed by Flint. They then both battle Flint but he is still too much for them. Flint backs them into a corner and throws mutiple Windmill Shuriken at Snowball and his sword is kncoked out of his hand by them. Just as he is about to finish him off, Ruby teleports in front of Snowball and sacrifices her's to save his.
Th RubyBunnykill42

Ruby in Bunnykill 4.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Teleportation - Ruby has the ability to teleport.
  • Expert Martial Artist - Ruby was an expert martial artist.


  • Ruby was the first female character in Bunnykill.
  • It is possible Ruby may have been even more skilled in the use of melee weapons than Snowball.
  • Ruby has 11 accounted for kills in the Bunnykill series. (Which is 3% of the total kills in the series.)