"Heroes never die..."
- Bunnykill 5.2

Snowball, as seen in Bunnykill 2.












Smoke (BK3), Ruby, Dust (BK5, initial)


Smoke, Dust (BK2), Professor Sludge, Flint

Snowball is the main protagonist of the Bunnykill series. He has played a major role in nearly every Bunnykill episode. The only episode where is not a protagonist is Bunnykill 5.2, in which his corpse only appeared as a cameo in the foreground. He is a highly trained assasin that kills only for gaining money. He does, however, have a sense of morality and honor. Another thing is that he hates surprises during his jobs. Overall, Snowball has killed 301 people through the series, which amounts to around 74% of the series' total kills.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Martial Arts: Snowball is an expert Martial artist who can kill the less expierienced soldiers in 5-6 seconds with his bare hands.
  • Marksman: Snowball is an expert Marksman that is highly skilled in all types of weaponry.
  • Rage mode: When he is enraged to a certain point, he will transform into his enraged form which is powerful enough to even defeat someone as skilled as Flint with ease.


Bunnykill Edit

In the first Bunnykill, he is attacked by Smoke's minions in the forest. Eventually, he then encounters Smoke himself, who sents a giant bunny minion for him to fend him off; after defeating him, the two then engage in combat. It seems that Smoke is about to defeat Snowball, but then at the last second, he grabs part of his

katana that was broken during the fight, and slits his throat.

Snowball fighting Smoke's minions in Bunnykill.

Bunnykill 2 Edit


Snowball battles the basics grunts on the roof in Bunnykill 2.

Snowball is assigned by his employer to kill Dust, a carrot lord that is feuding with Smoke over carrots. He sneaks into Dust's base and battles all of his basic grunts, body guards, and Dust. It also shows how he prefers the katana over a gun when he sees Dust's katana in his office. He looks at his pistol and throws it on the ground, choosing the sword. Dust walks into his office seeing all of body guards dead and duels Snowball. Snowball and Dust are both very tired and Dust decides to pull out his uzi and uses it on Snowball. Snowball reflects the bullets, and one of the reflected bullets hits Dust in the chest. Snowball stabs him in again in the torso, and when Dust drops his weapon, stabs him in the head with it.

Bunnykill 3 Vol.1 Edit


Snowball undercover as a basic grunt.

Snowball's employer assigns him on a mission to kill Prof. Sludge. He is sent to Prof. Sludge's Moon Fortress base undercover as a basic grunt. He encounters Smoke, who just so happens to be on the same mission, and saves him from being killed by one of the grunts. However, due to the fact that Smoke doesn't like partnerships, he went one way and told Snowball to go the other. Snowball encouters a variety of new weapons and enemies in this one.

Bunnykill 3 Vol.2 Edit

Snowball is about to be gunned down by a giant cyborg, but Smoke saves him by jumping on the robot and shooting him in the neck, causing the machine to fall through the bridge it was standing on. The two then decide to work together for a brief time. But, Smoke once again goes off on his own. Snowball then


Snowball and Smoke back to back in Bunnykill Vol.2

comes face to face with Prof. Sludge, meeting his mech bunnies. They prove too much for Snowball, and right when they were about to finish him off, the cyborg comes back and blasts through a wall, destroying the mech bunnies. Then right as the mech cyborg is about to finish Snowball, he is again saved by Smoke. The two encounter Prof. Sludge and kill him, but he activated his experiment before he died. The experiment was Android Dust, and he battled Snowball and Smoke. Android Dust kills Smoke, but is then killed by Snowball shortly after. Snowball then initiates the self destruction sequence on the Moon Fortress, returning to Earth in an escape pod.

Bunnykill 4 Edit

Snowball is assigned by his employer to kill his new target, Flint. He is located in a dojo, and he fights a variety of new enemies like Ninjas, Red Ninjas, Samurai, and Sumo Samurai. While fighing Flint's soldiers, he meets another assasin named Ruby. She at first attacks him, but then she realizes that they are both after the same target. She then blows him a kiss and teleports away after they kill the enemies in an area. Snowball then encounters the Sumo Samurai and battles him. After a hard fought battle, he kills the Sumo Samurai. Flint then sarcastically applauds Snowball for killing all of his soldiers that were in the dojo. Flint escorts him to another area and they fight each other. Flint easily over powers him and almost kills him, but Ruby saves him. They then both


Snowball battles minions and a Red Ninja.

battle Flint, but he still easily handles them both. Flint then is about to finish Snowball by throwing a shuriken at him. But Ruby teleports in front of Snowball and saves his life. Snowball becomes enraged and transforms. The transformations power was stronger than Flint and then Snowball killed him. The two Ninjas that were chasing Snowball down discover Flint's dead body after the fight. Snowball then burries Ruby to pay his respects, and then leaves.

Bunnykill 5.1 Edit


Snowball on top of the roof in Bunnykill 5.1

Snowball is sent by his employer, Flint, to take back his captured friend Dust. He sneaks into the base until he forced to have to fight undetected. He eventually encounters Prof. Sludge who has been experimenting on Dust, and his bodyguard Smoke. Snowball then ecounters them both while they were working on a formula to inject into Dust to make him obey them; Sludge puts a glass wall in front of him. Smoke knows that Snowball will break it soon so he pushes Sludge out of the way and injects the Formula in Dust himself. Dust awakes but is not himself, Smoke goes into an elevator and leaves Prof. Sludge for dead. After killing Sludge, Dust immediately attacks Snowball, him knowing that this is a life or death situation, coming to terms that he might have to kill his friend. But in the end of the long and hard fought battle, Dust kills Snowball. Dust, after snapping out of his hypnotized state, comes to realize what he has done and says "My friend..... What have I done... Someone must PAY...".

Snowball transformed.


  • Ruby - He seemed to have a special connection with Ruby as shown in Bunnykill 4 when she died to defend him. This made him so enraged he transformed and killed Flint. He may have possibly been in love with Ruby.
  • Smoke - It is debatable wether they are rivals or enemies. In Bunnykill, he is the main antagonist. And in Bunnykill 3 Vol. 1 and 2, he was an acquaintance of Snowball. In Bunnykill 5.1, he is shown as the personal bodyguard of Prof. Sludge. Smoke may just work only for the money just as Snowball does.
  • Dust - In Bunnykill 2, Dust was a carrot lord and was the main antagonist. But in Bunnykill 5.1 and 5.2, he is a close friend of Snowball. Although Bunnykill 2 and Bunnykill 5.1-5.2 are entirely different plots. It is a safe bet to assume they are close friends.
  • Professor Sludge - Prof. Sludge is probably Snowball's nemesis. He has appeared as one of the villains in Bunnykill 3 Vol.1-2, and in Bunnykill 5.1.
  • Flint - Flint is an enemy of Snowball, as shown in Bunnykill 4, he became enraged at him for killing Ruby. And in Bunnykill 5.2, it is revealed that Flint had set Snowball up.

Signature WeaponsEdit

Bunnykill 4

Snowball killing a Minion with his katana in Bunnykill 4.

  • The Katana: Snowball's primary, and also personal favorite weapon. Snowball has used the katana in almost every episode of Bunnykill. He has virtually mastered all forms of combat with it. And has only been bested by Flint in the use of it. The katana's endurance has also been improved throughout the series as well. Seeing as it can take numerous amounts of strikes that would have shattered it in the first Bunnykill. (Examples of this are shown in Bunnykill 4, when the Sumo Samurai's machete could not cut through his katana, and Bunnykill 5.1, when Dust constantly attacked Snowball and had trouble breaking through his defense.) Its endurance has reached the point where it was able to even stop bullets from Dust's Gun-blade. Which are strong enough to shoot down entire steel doors with ease.


  • It is arguable if Snowball is really the most skilled in in the series. He won his first match against Smoke with a cheap shot, transformed against Flint, and was defeated by Dust with rather ease. (This may have been because Dust was his friend and he would have failed his primary mission though.)
  • Snowball likes Orytolacian carrot cake.
  • Bunnykill 5.1 marks the only episode where Snowball dies.
  • Snowball has shown on quite a few occasions that he prefers his katana over a gun, or a lightblade over a gun.
  • In his first appearence in Bunnykill, Snowball wore samurai-like apparel that was purple on the top and orange on the bottom; in Bunnykill 2, he wears a purple top and red pants. In subsequent appearances, he wears something similar: a blue top and brown bottoms.
  • Even though Snowball is a merciless assassin, he has shown his compassion for his friends and allies. In Bunnykill 4, he was almost killed by Flint, but Ruby saved him with her life. This enraged Snowball and he transformed into some sort of form based off of Naruto's nine-tailed fox, and in Bunnykill 5, where he faced his friend Dust before eventually being killed by him.


Bunnykill (Entire Series)Edit

Bunnykill 1

Bunnykill 1

The 1st Bunnykill. (Made 1/7/2005)

Bunnykill 3 Vol

Bunnykill 3 Vol. 1

The 1st part of the 3rd Bunnykill. (Made 5/18/2005)

Bunnykill 3 Vol

Bunnykill 3 Vol. 2

The 2nd part of the 3rd Bunnykill. (Made 4/27/2007)