Snowball face to face with a Swat

A Swat member is about to fight Snowball in Bunnykill 5.1.

"Go, go, go,!" (Bunnykill 5.2)


The Swat are elite soldiers that are more efficient and have better training than grunts. They first appeared in Bnnykill 5.1. They wear the same outfits as actual S.W.A.T soldiers and may or may not wear helmets. They are armed with either a pistol, assault rifle, or a riot shield. Each Swat carrys a stun stick, which is similar to a light blade, but are made of electricity that stuns the oponnent instead of cutting them in half. They are commonly seen with grunts to help them out.


  • They fight on the same skill level as Assault Troopers do.
  • The Swat has 4 kills in the Bunnykill series. (Which is 1% of the kills in the series.)